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Geothermal heating works by using the constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature. 

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  • Uses well or body of water as heat exchanger
  • Only an option when adequate supply of clean water is available

Advantages of Radiant Heating

  • More efficient
    • ​Water keeps it's temperature more efficiently, so overtime, requires less energy to stay warm than air
  • No ductwork
  • ​​Potentially better indoor air quality
    • A furnace that is properly maintained doesn't circulate too many allergens, so therefore is healthy for your home, but radiant doesn't circulate any air so doesn't pose that problem at all
  • ​​Uniform vertical heat distribution
    • ​Zoning is an option, but the heat is distributed evenly amongst the room
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"Wet" Installation

  • Tubes embedded in solid floor such as concrete slabs
  • Ideal for keeping your home at a constant temperature
  • Slower to warm your home but holds heat for a longer amount of time
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Radiant floor heating works by pumping heated water from a solar water heater or oil-, gas-, or wood-fired boiler through tubing or cables laid in the floor to heat your home.

Geothermal Installation

And the surrounding areas

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Advantages Geothermal Heating

  • Cost effective
    • 80% cheaper than fossil fuel powered options
  • ​Lower utility bills
  • ​​Environmentally friendly
    • ​​United States Environmental Protection Agency has deemed geothermal as the most environmentally-safe, cost effective heating and cooling system on the market
  • ​​Even heat distribution
    • Doesn't create hot and cold blasts that can come from conventional heating and cooling systems
Radiant Heat Installation

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  • Circulates antifreeze through a closed loop typically a plasticor copper tubing
  • ​Three configurations: horizontal, vertical and pond/lake
  • Horizontal: Great for residential and new construction
  • ​Vertical: Ideal for commercial buildings and schools
  • ​Pond/Lake: Lowest cost option if near a body of water

"Dry" Installation

  • Tubes suspended between jousts and subfloor (or two subfloor sections) with a reflective layer underneath to push heat upward
  • Operates at a higher temperature because it has to warm air
  • Quicker to warm a room
  • Faster to build