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We work on both residential and commercial property.  If you're looking to install just a simple wall furnace or the most complex, solar integrated, geothermal system, or anything inbetween, we can help!  ​​Replacing your HVAC system or adding solar to your home is easier than ever.  Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our comfort consultants and they can tell you all about the financing options we offer. We will sit with you and figure out what comfort system is right for you and your home.

​​Furnace & Air Conditioner Repair

Are you comfortable in your own home?

If you're uncomfortable in your home, give us a call!  Whether it's a repair or a new install, we can help you out.

Condenser Failures

  • ​Leaks
  • Improper drainage
  • Electrical failure
  • Sensor failure

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Furnace Failures

  • Dirty filters
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • A faulty ignition or pilot
  • Old age

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Common Heating and Cooling Failures


CONTACT US: (408) 376-0406​​

Having problems with your air conditioner or furnace?  We can help you! Our expert technicians can help with repairing your air conditioning and heating system.  We work on all HVAC equipment brands, whether you have American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, Amana, Mitsubishi, LG or any other brand, our HVAC technicians can address your cooling and heating needs. 

​​Residential and Commercial

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